The Best Ways to Reduce Knee Pain

You enjoy working out, but you always seem to have knee pains during exercise or even walking. Therefore, what can you do to help reduce the pain? Here are some dos and don’ts from nutrition coach Orange County experts to help make your knees feel at their best.

Dos for Helping with Knee Pain Reduction

According to a health coach Orange County expert, it helps do exercises. The best strengthening exercise for your knee is cardio training. It helps strengthen the muscles and supports the knee to improve flexibility. Also, do a bit of weight training and stretching like swimming, walking, or water aerobics. You can even try stationary cycling or elliptical workouts on the machines. Another great exercise is Tai chi to help with stiffness and improves your balance.

Furthermore, you can use RICE standing for rest-ice-compression-elevation. It is an excellent way to help relieve knee pain. Give your knee time to rest by applying ice to help reduce swelling. Wear a compression bandage keeping your knee elevated.

Now, if the knee pain is something new, many health coach Orange County experts advise getting advice. But, of course, the best is to know what you’re dealing with as soon as possible.

The Don’ts for Knee Pain

One thing you should not do is to rest too much. By doing this, it weakens your knees muscles worsening joint pain. Instead, get the help of an Orange County health coach to help with an exercise program that is safe to use with your knees.

Prevention is to prevent the risk of falling as it can cause more damage, so best to make sure your home is well lit. Where possible, make use of handrails going up the stairs or use a footstool when reaching for something high.

Another thing to consider is your weight. If you are a bit overweight, it adds more strain to the knees. If you’re struggling to reduce your weight, contact a nutrition coach in Orange County to help. Furthermore, do not make things worse by wearing the wrong shoes. Instead, wear cushioned insoles to reduce the stress as it creates a huge difference.

Lastly, prevent high-impact exercise as it can cause further pain to your knees. The best is to stay clear from jumping, running, or any activity that consists of jarring. Other exercises to prevent are lunges, deep squats, as it worsens the pain.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to knee pain, there are some things you can do and not do to help relieve pain. If your knee pain is terrible, never be shy to use a walking aid for a while. Using a cane helps relieve stress off the knees. Alternatively, you can consider acupuncture that involves inserting fine needles, widely used to alleviate all sorts of pain, and may even help with your knee pain.


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