Why Are Your Muscles Sore after Exercising

You have exercised for the first time, right. You get up, and your whole body is aching. Now, you think to yourself, boy, if I feel like this the next time, I’m not going to be able to walk. You wonder why your muscles are so sore.

Why Are My Muscles So Sore

According to a nutrition coach Orange County provider, it usually happens after one to two days of exercising. In fact, it affects everyone no matter what fitness level you have. Now do not be put off by this as stiffness is normal paired with pain. It does not last long and shows that your fitness is improving.

The main reason is DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), causing the soreness after activities. It occurs when you start a new fitness program. Also, it can happen if you change your routine or when increasing the intensity or duration of your workout.

When your muscles work harder than usual, it causes microscopic damage to your muscle fibers, causing stiffness and soreness. Often delayed onset muscle soreness people describe incorrectly, as many believe it results from a buildup of lactic acid and not the case.

Who Gets Affected By Sore Muscles

According to a health coach Orange County provider, it can affect anyone. It affects people starting out with a fitness program for the first time to people training for years. The excellent news is it does not last long and decreases the more you get used to physical activity. Your muscles must hurt, as part of the adaption process is to build strength and stamina while the muscles recover. Different activities can cause DOMS:

  • A new exercise
  • A more intense workout than usual
  • Working the muscles differently

The soreness can last for up to five days as the pain becomes milder after the first two days. Neither should you confuse the pain with a sharp pain of an injury, strain, or sprains during exercise.

Treating Your Sore Muscles

DOMS you cannot treat, but there are things you can do to relieve the symptoms:

  • Place ice packs on the sore muscles
  • Get a massage
  • Use painkillers
  • Rest

However, if the pain is unbearable with swelling and your urine becomes dark, seek medical attention.

Can You Prevent Muscle Soreness?

According to nutrition coaches in Orange County, the best is to start a new fitness program gently and gradually work your way through it. Your muscles need time to adapt to new movements and helps to minimize strain. When training warm up your muscles to reduce injury, and it helps improve your performance.

Final Thoughts

Now, we can already see that eyebrow lifting. You’re thinking if you should keep exercising with your sore muscles. Yes, you can, while it may feel uncomfortable and the best remedy for sore muscles. The aches and pains will return again as you cool down, but if you think it too difficult, then rest until you feel most of the soreness go away. Alternatively, target the less affected muscles instead when training. DOMS will always return no matter what training you do, especially when intensifying your workout. The best is to exercise at the same intensity to cause less tissue damage leading to soreness with a fast recovery.

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